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Results You Can Expect from Engaging with Focussed Farmers

Measured Results

Focussed Farmers began in 2017 with a pilot project supported by the Frank Parkinson Agricultural Trust.  30 farmers and ag-sector workers originally took part in the trial and 25 completed the programme. Since then, many others have been introduced to mindfulness and mental training through Focussed Farmers with similar results.

  • 20 % Decrease in stress
  • 25% Increase in self-discipline
  • 24 % Increase in a positive mind set
  • 20 % Increase in purposeful focus
  • 10% Increase in flow

Social Value

Focussed Farmers recently participated in a project run by Rose Regeneration and Bishop Grosseteste University to measure the social impact of its activities.  The research is part of Defra investigations for their future farming resilience project and provided interesting insight into the beneficial impact that Focussed Farmers has had on farmers and ag-sector workers who have implemented mental training and leadership development supported through Focussed Farmers.

  • 79% of respondents reported an improvement in their ability to focus.
  •  78% felt they were better able to cope with stress and72% were better equipped to cope with change.
  •  75% reported an increase in productivity.
  •  71% reported an improvement in overall life satisfaction.
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The video series shares latest research in neuroscience and cognitive psychology

This will give you the knowledge and understanding of how you can develop more purposeful focus in your life - it is going to cost you the time to watch the series (12 short episodes) and as one of the major reported benefits is increased productivity - you may actually get the time back in increased focus.  

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