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Learn how to develop more focus in your daily life, be less distracted and achieve your goals with a clear state of mind.


Free video series

The original Focused Farmers series presented by Willie Horton is free to sign up for.  This 12 part mini-series is great for people who want to get started DIY style.


Group workshops

An online live group programme over six sessions is designed to get you up and running with the support of others .Find out more and register your interest.


1-2-1 coaching

If you want to get started immediately, find out here about options to begin a one to one coaching programme to develop more purposeful focus in your life.


Focus Sets

Ideal if you have already started mental training and want some weekly encouragement to keep up momentum. Beginners welcome too and first set is a free taster.


Tools for great leadership

This project initially looked at if mindfulness based tools would be useful for farmers to add to their toolbox and the results were pretty astounding. Focussed Farmers aims to support developing great self-leadership for anyone working within the ag-industry or connected with farming in some way, you may be a grass-roots farmer, a farmer's wife or husband, an agronomist, a vet or work in the technology and engineering sector connected to agriculture - A little bit of new information and a few small tweaks has greatly improved the lives of those that have taken the first steps and explored what Focussed Farmers is all about.

Sign Up to the Free Introductory Video Series

The 12-part video series will share the latest research in neuroscience and cognitive psychology to create a foundation for understanding how our brain develops from children into adults and how what we have experienced in life until now, impacts greatly on how we perceive our own reality versus the actual reality of the NOW...Seldom are they aligned.


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